Foundation Bursaries

Now well established, the Foundation Bursary Scheme offers Old Salopians and parents an opportunity to thank Shrewsbury School, and specifically their house, for the wonderful years they or their child spent at the school. Each of the school's houses is now able to award bursaries to it's pupils thanks to this scheme.

Each of Shrewsbury’s houses offers a Foundation Bursary funded by Old Salopians and other supporters of that house. Depending on the level of commitment from alumni, more than one Award per house may be possible.   Each Award is given to an exceptional candidate based on predetermined measurements of talent and need. A rigorous means testing scheme is in place to ensure each candidate is truly deserving of an Award.

A Foundation Bursary begins from the moment a pupil enters the school and continues throughout the pupil’s time at Shrewsbury, provided the selection criteria remain the same. To qualify, applicants require a comfortable pass at common entrance, as well as showing notable talent in one or more areas of school life including sport, music, art, drama and leadership.  Typically a bursary may be worth up to 50% of school fees. Awards are measured through testing, interviews and consultation with prep schools.

Every gift of £10,000 or more to bursaries will be honoured on the Shrewsbury School Foundation Donor Wall which is in the foyer of the Alington Hall.