Naming & Recognition

The Shrewsbury School Foundation is tremendously grateful to its donors for their generous support and it is only appropriate that the school strives to honour their donations in some way. Below are our agreed levels of naming and recognition:

Member (Over £1,000)

Fellow (Over £10,000)

Charter Fellow (Over £50,000)

Founder Fellow (Over £100,000)

All those who have donated £10,000 or more to the Foundation will be eligible to have their name placed on the Donor Wall in the Alington Hall. The names of Shrewsbury School’s Charter Fellows and Founder Fellows, whose cumulative giving totals more than £50,000 and £100,000 respectively, will be placed on separate walls.

In addition all those that donate a cumulative total of £10,000  to the House Foundation Award Scheme will have their names placed by house on the Donor Wall.

Gifts over £100,000 that represent a least 50% of a capital project will be eligible for naming a structure. The donors name will also be eligible to have their names placed on Alington Hall ‘s wall. The Shrewsbury School Foundation reserves the right to add and remove names based on exceptional circumstances. Shrewsbury School will respect the wishes of those donors who wish to remain anonymous. If you have question or comments regarding Shrewsbury School’s policies please contact the Foundation Office.