Payroll Giving


If your employer has a payroll giving scheme you will be able to make a donation to Shrewsbury School Foundation from your gross pay before tax. Thus you get tax relief at your highest rate - a donation of £10 will cost a 40% tax payer only £6 and a 50% tax payer £5.


Company Giving


The process of encouraging Corporations to donate to charities has been made easier. A Company or unincorporated association can now make a donation to the Shrewsbury School Foundation and can then claim tax relief when preparing their Corporation Tax. No further tax reclaim by Shrewsbury School is required.


Donating Shares



Donating shares can be one of the most attractive ways of giving. By donating shares you can minimise both your income and capital gains tax liability. Shares listed or dealt on certified UK or foreign exchanges, units in authorised unit trusts and shares in OEICs are eligible. Not only are donated shares free of Capital Gains Tax the market value can be deducted from your income tax liability. If you are high rate taxpayer and you do not have room for additional capital gains exemptions it may be a tremendous opportunity to benefit your school. 

We recommend that you consult your financial adviser to ensure that the gift of shares is right for you.