Creating a Safe Work Environment

Lots has been said about creating a safe business environment and this issue cannot be over emphasized. Generally, a safe business environment makes employees happier and healthier, which in turn leads to better productivity and production, which could then lead to profit or ROI (Return Of Investment). More so, insurance premiums are lower in a safe business environment. However, creating and maintaining a safe business environment go beyond just writing and placing a set of safety rules in strategic places. Actually, a safe business environment requires creating an environment where all employees participate in achieving and abiding by the safety goals. Experts in professional business coaching will tell you that the first step to creating a safe business environment involves observing some safety tips. Here are some general safety tips that all employees and stakeholders/business owners must adhere to lead to the creation of a safe business environment:

Encourage all workers (staffed employees, part-time staff, contract workers, etc.) to work safely; as well as know and avoid any possible causes of hazard and accidents. Make sure you introduce new prospective team members to the protocols created, ensuring they are aware early will prove to be beneficial in the long run.

Make your employees your best consult on safety matters. Ask them for their opinion and contribution on how to improve the safety of the business environment. Making sure your employees are not only agreeing with the system of your safety, but having an input on any potential improvements will help the flow of communication along.

Promote, and if possible reward, any action that makes the business environment more enjoyable. Also set up a system whereby employees are given the ability to give their supervisors feedback, either positive or negative, on all operational matters. Something such as a suggestion box or even making your Human Resources person available for these situations are recommended suggestions.

Make sure that the business environment is always and regularly clean and is free of risks and hazards. For instance, all tools and equipment should be constantly checked to ensure proper operation. And if during business operation, the use of safety gear is necessary, ensure to provide it at all times and allow for employees and team members to be in the safest environment possible.

Avoid creating an excessively complicated emergency procedure. Therefore, always keep accident plans and emergency procedures simple. Your employees should be able to easily understand all the instructions within the plan and procedures immediately. The same can be said for most processes in a business, you don’t want to over-complicate any instruction in a business, most if not all experts in the area of corporate leadership coaching will instruct any aspiring business to keep it simple.

Emergencies do not only require plans, but also supplies. Hence put all necessary safety supplies, such as fire extinguishers, in plain view, and ensure that all your employees know how to perfectly use these supplies. Make sure that the first-aid kit is readily accessible as well as the emergency phone numbers.

All storage areas must be safeguarded. Ensure that all materials are neatly arranged in boxes, on pallets, or on the shelves. All inflammable and waste substances must be kept away in sealed metal containers, and away from sources of heat or burning.

Try as much as possible to construct your office building in such a way that it adheres to all fire and safety codes i.e. ensure that all exits are clearly marked and not obstructed.

In case your business uses motor vehicles, make sure that these vehicles are serviced regularly. Also, stock these vehicles with first-aid kits, cellular phones, flashlights, and jumper cables.

Pay close attention to detail as this can make a big difference in improving safety in your business environment.

Organize periodic safety training and lecture for all your employees.

Finally, learn from your past experiences. Keep track of all the past events that either led to or nearly resulted in a workplace accident and set up measure to prevent their further occurrence.

Complying with all necessary safety requirements can lead to fewer absences and workers’ compensation claims due to injuries. Creating a safe business environment can be very benefit to your company as it will create a positive atmosphere about injury and accident prevention. To be effective, make sure to involve every worker in the safety efforts, and also conduct emergency drills for all employees every few months so as to prepare them to take action in case of a crisis.

Keep and carefully observe this checklist as a quick reference for your regular safety evaluations. By doing so you would be creating a safe business environment.

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