How to Make Employee Training an Enjoyable Experience

Let’s face it, we all hate going to employee training as it is mostly boring but also mandatory. It is important for all employees to be updated with changes, rules and regulations and safety issues, to help better adjust in a fast pace working environment. We tend to learn more if there is some fun and overall engagement involved. Many business management specialists will rightly say that just by adding a few changes to your training you can help your employees look forward to training sessions instead of being bombarded with messy excuses for why they can not turn up. The boost of morale within these training sessions can be considered as one of the best solutions for your business and will also lead to an overall increase in employee satisfaction and potentially draw in other aspiring or future employees.

The Training Needs to be Relevant

You are just wasting time by having a pointless training session where your employees will probably sit through and complain and become even more frustrated. By ensuring the content is relevant to them will ensure that they take all of the information in and apply it to their work and tasks. You aren’t going to make a dental assistant sit through an hour of training based on facial threading or something more complex like laser treatment. No matter the industry, you need to put an emphasis on the importance of teaching your employees relevant information, nothing that will waste time. Ask employees what information they would like you to bring into the session to help them advance further. Plan some updated learning opportunities that are fun and engaging to employees. Learning doesn’t have to be all serious. Maybe take a company wide survey on the best way your employees find that they learn, this may help in the decision of how you go about providing information and training.

Customise the Training session

You will find some people will prefer to connect to the information in a way that meets their knowledge. Some staff might like to have interactive training where they are up in front of the group in the spotlight. Others may be shy and are not comfortable with being in the spotlight. You need to make sure the training session is able to accommodate everyone’s different personalities, likes and dislikes. It is important to not just go over the information and skills they already know but to also move into something that may help them to advance their knowledge. Going over the same stuff is just simply plain and boring and gets everyone nowhere. Look at going over some training for software or higher roles where it may open up some new career goals for the staff and lead to aspirations being developed, which in the long run can help the success and motivation overall of your business.

Training needs to be Interactive

Sitting in a quiet room listening to someone lecturing you about work protocols or updates is a recipe for frustration and disengagement. You need to find some methods that you can bring in more ways to hold the staff’s attention while improving their learning and general skills. Create some quizzes that are work-related and add a prize at the end or some potential time off for the winner to get everyone interested. Act out some scenarios and allow the staff to take breaks if they seem to start becoming unsettled. Creating incentive will not only encourage staff members to complete the training, but it may also lead to senior team members who have already completed a level of training to potentially relearn skills they had initially overlooked.

Keep Training Concise

No one wants to learn about a topic or item that draws out to be a one-hour long session on the one topic or task. Find content of value that can get to the point quickly and get rid of irrelevant information that will drag the lecture on. If the topic is large, then it can help to break it down into smaller parts. Keeping topics in a more micro training session will keep employees focused and will help to avoid them becoming overwhelmed with information. Making sure everyone is engaged throughout these short sessions is a priority and anything that lasts close to an hour should be seen as unproductive.

Get the Feedback to Help Improve

Employees are the ones to ask when it comes to making training programs enjoyable. Talk to the
staff and find out what they want to learn about and how they actually want to learn the information. Get them to give you feedback about the changes they would like to see that involves their training. You are going to receive good and bad feedback, but it is essential to take it all seriously and make changes where you can. You will gain trust and respect from your staff if you show them you are abiding by their wishes and trying to change things where you can.

Making changes to your training can help employees learn better and take more relevant
information in, creating a more loyal and involved employee. These employees can in return offer you dedicated and valuable time as well as a greatly developed worth ethic, leading to somewhat of a return on investment in your employee.

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