The Best Ways to Sell Your Business Through Networking

Most people with a unique idea, an adventurous mind and a bold or confident personality often turn their backs to routine, white-collar jobs; preferring to take the exhilarating dive down the volatile yet lucrative business cliff. Rather than bowing and scraping through to another loss, they would rather be the shot-callers. The pioneers who become the bosses and bow to no one and make all the decisions in the end.

A creative idea or a product that has potential to grow is generally considered the first step towards building a strong business. To actually sell your product or service, you will require hard work and sheer determination. As well as all different types of assistance from your friends, family, colleagues, who along with many other acquaintances, form the basis of your network and surrounding connections. Networking slowly helps to create core loyalty for your products, services and ideas. Best example is Frank Epperson: creator of the ultra-delicious popsicles. Creating the first ever Popsicle by mistake when he was barely 11 years old, he continued making this delicious treat for family and friends until it turned into a booming business. Sometimes an entrepreneur could stumble upon the greatest idea imaginable, you can consider this a happy accident.

Some of the best (and cost-effective) ways to sell your business via networking are –

Social Media

The list of 1000 plus friends in your various social media accounts is not simply for bragging rights, but also a powerful marketing tool to spread word of your business or service you are selling as far and wide as possible. As knowledge of your business proliferates across their friends and friends of their friends, your base clientele also increases. Social media allows you to reach audiences you never thought you could as well as enabling you to directly reach your target audiences. Creating a Facebook page for your drain cleaning services will help you reach out to your local community and advertise yourself as a blocked drain plumber.

Local contests and festivals

Create and run a festival with food, contests and giveaways in your local area of business/residence that will bring the residents and other business owners together to promote your product or services. For this exercise to be less burdensome on your finances (value your financial pocket!), you can join together with other small-time, local businesses and share the costs. This will promote your business in and all around the local limits as well as bring in some needed well-wishers. You can set up a stall, sponsor children’s competition prizes and hand-over colorfully printed pamphlets. Making sure you lend a hand within your community will help win credibility and also potentially improve your social image.


Many new customers are wary of purchasing any new product/using any service for the first time. Referrals by those who have already tried and tested your product or service will definitely go a long way in soothing the fear of new customers. So, always request clients to give referrals as this also provides proof of your identity to new potential customers or clients.  Referrals will be a pretty large part of anyone’s marketing plan, particularly if you are within the healthcare industry. Those who work in the medical equipment sales sector or even in a broader area of injury prevention will really benefit from reviews of the equipment they produce and the effectiveness of it.

Attend various events and parties

The best way to network is to actually go out there and talk to people, listen to their requirements, understand their mindset and then present your business and all of it’s skills to them. The best places to meet potential clients are usually in events such as musicals, launch parties, charity balls or even a theater-play. Call your new acquaintances for brunch and build strong relations. Be in the public eye as much as possible; make yourself known to as many as possible and this will help your business community grow.

Hire local celebrities

Promote your product by hiring local celebrities such as the winners of the local beauty contests, the local hero responsible for charitable activities in the neighborhood, the head of the neighborhood association etc. Hiring these local celebrities will bring a familiar face to your client base and allow for them to feel comfortable and confident in the product.

Quid pro quo

You need to be honest and work hard. Business always has a give-and-take relation with its customers. As long as you fulfill your promise, your product is up to the mark and priced fairly; your customers will pay you back in terms of repeat business, glowing referrals and good publicity. Patience always bears sweet fruits. Expecting instant inflow of customers and cash is futile. But as you slowly expand your network, build a strong base of clientele and keep your core principles of honest business in mind, success is not far.

There are many measures to take when attempting to grow or sell your business to a new influx of clients, the most important thing to remember is to take your time and make every method count. Communication is a great tool and those who choose to utilise it will only prosper and develop more beneficial connections.

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