Museums- An Underrated Business Today?

It is well known that not many people belong to museums and art galleries. They seem to only appear to those who have an interest in art and history. It isn’t a surprise anymore when someone says they have never been to a museum. The traditional idea of pondering around art and artefacts found in museums and art exhibitions showcases are now considered to be superfluous or irrelevant. Why is that so? Probably because the generation now and many to come have found joys in various innovated alternatives that have picked up pace over time and has now been prioritised above the simple pleasures of art.

School students who are on school excursions, architects and professors visit museums when they are travelling but that remains about it. When people take their children on holiday it is quite common to find something else the children can do while the parents visit the museum. All the bankers, accountants. Doctors and computer professionals don’t care about museums nor have any interest in looking over history or the art scene.
It used to be a common thing for people to visit different museums when they were travelling around abroad except now a days, we see a huge separation from this.

For some they believe it is the simple lack of interest. Museums are quite boring now compared to how we live our lives now. We have smart phones that remind us to do things, we have social media and even home devices that do what we command. Why is anyone going to visit a museum? Even when we are talking history nothing is easier than typing your question or subject in the line of google and getting your automatic answer. This can be done from computers, iPad, smart phones etc.
There needs to be a positive change to people behaviours in order to change their attitude to how they think about learning and history.

We are seeing more and more different cultures and religions in our home town so there isn’t much to learn about culture and religion anymore. Most times we would visit a museum for that however now most of our friends, neighbours or work colleges are of a different culture that we have already become accustomed to. Hence exploring the various cultures and traditions displayed in a museum is now gaining less importance and can be completely overshadowed by the after math of increasing globalisation.

If people feel visiting the museum will be of benefit to them, they will likely attend. If their needs are not met, then they will simply look elsewhere.
Museums need to keep up with the times that are changing, unfortunately that is just how it works.

Take a shopping mall for instance apart from the goal of art and shopping a shopping mall and museum have a huge difference which is?
Malls are children friendly, plenty of places to relax, food options, plenty of parking, coffee shops and game areas for the children. Museums lack these items! For one you cannot eat in a museum and most of the population is all about eating, children are not usually welcome in art galleries and museums and there are certainly no areas to sit and relax and take some time out. Museums have a strict approach. While this is understandable given the cost and worth of the art and sculptures

Perhaps if museums were changed to have everything that people want these days, we might see more people attending. Quite often people need childcare if children cannot come into museums then people will simply not go due to the fact, they are new to the area or are travelling and cannot place the child in care. Offering an on-site childcare could be another possibility to encourage more people to stop underrating museums.


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