Best Return of Investment in Business

Whether you are risk-averse or savvy, the goal of every business owner is to convert marketing leads into profitable returns. Return on investments (ROI) and financial results determine the strength of every business. Every business has its challenges, and it’s the duty of stakeholders to ensure the best ROI. Let’s discuss useful tips that guarantee a rewarding enterprise.

Credit Card Rewards

You can make cashless payments with credit cards and earn rewards. The rewards you can earn from credit card payments are point-based and have low risks. Online retail shops and service providers regular often ask customers with credit cards to sign up for promotional packages and earn some bonus. Usually, airline operators reward passengers with free miles when they fly regularly. So, a business executive that travels often can save money from flight fares and invest the ‘free money’ in some portfolios.

Dividend-Paying Stocks

There is nothing wrong with divesting your company’s or personal capital. Dividend-paying stocks can boost your earnings from the capital gains of trading companies. Many blue-chip companies offer single-digit dividend yields that can be reinvested to yield higher returns. When the fortunes of stock market decline, it’s easy for an investor with high yields of dividend to absorb the shock. It becomes a risk-free investment when you have made returns that exceed your original investment over a period. However, a generous dividend can protect your investment when the price fluctuates during bear markets. In such markets, you can divest with low-risk investments, and expect better dividend-paying stocks. To know about the ups and downs of the stock market and its lucrativeness, business professionals often seek the aid of coaches who provide the right path towards favourable profitability and long term standing in the financial market.

Government Bonds

Usually, federal, state and local governments issue bonds to their citizens as a way of borrowing money to fund critical projects. Sometimes, the borrower issue bonds with 10% returns on investment for a 12-month tenure. Also, the lender can request for the returns to be paid every month. The advantages of government bonds are because they are risk-free, and the government is a continuum. Another advantage is that most government entities exempt income tax on these bonds. However, since there’s a low likelihood of the borrower’s default, it’s attractive for lenders to roll over their returns on investment to boost their initial capital.

Gamble or Invest

Investing for profit is different and much more important than gambling with your hard-earned money. There are ways to forecast your level of returns on investment, but nothing is assured with gambling. It pays more to build on returns that are fractions of your investment than hope for high stakes in a game of poker. A well-informed investor is more prepared to lose money when the odds are against him than a gambler that desires a win-win outcome.

Invest in Money Market

The money market fund is a low-risk mutual funds investment with little returns. It’s designed for investors that need their principal intact whenever they choose to pull out of this investment. Usually, the day-to-day fluctuations in money markets don’t affect large chunks of your principal. Also, the objective of the money market is to maintain a Net Asset Value (NAV) per share. In many countries, the money market is categorised as ethical and equity mutual funds. Also, in ethical mutual funds, the investor reserves the right to choose what type of shares the fund manager can buy.


Annuities with higher risks will deliver higher returns on investments. However, investing in annuities attracts high fees, and this feature makes them complex financial instruments. You will need a financial advisor to determine whether a fixed or variable annuity will suit your investment goals. Generally, annuities are low-risk investment contracts that are sold through insurance companies.

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