Selling Yourself as A Handyman

If helping people and doing odd jobs like weeding, mowing, fixing a blocked kitchen sink or helping with something much more complex like water tank installation and of course all other small home repairs then a handyman is the career path that would suit you well. There are demands for handymen as people don’t want always want to pay a large amount to hire a blocked drain plumber just to fix a tap or someone to patch a hole. Tradesman do charge huge prices and will often charge a call out consultation fee as well as the cost of repairs. If you own your own handyman business, then you certainly won’t be out of work. While being a handyman can serve maybe benefits in just profits alone, it can also be rewarding in all kinds of other ways too. You get the chance to meet new people and see their satisfaction and happiness when you have completed a job for them.

There is some work involved and that can be getting yourself out there. You need to market yourself and what your business is. Two main ways to promote your handyman business is to advertise and gain references through networking or other avenues of growth. There are so many con artists out there it can be hard for people to trust any handyman’s reputation especially if it is a small home business. The key is to start small. Don’t knock on doors and offer to fix a massive, expensive job instead start small like a weeding job or fixing a rainwater tank pump to gain their trust and build your rapport and reputation.

Get yourself a business card

Start off with creating and distributing a business card. You can print off a heap for a small fee that you can pass onto people, whether they are potential clients or established connections through business. If you visit a supermarket stick some cards on the local advertisement board or even hand some out to passer byes. Always keep cards with you and if you eat a meal out leave a few sitting on the counter or the bench. Having these cards on your person at all times means that whenever an opportunity arises, even in the strangest of areas, you are prepared to potentially acquire some more business for yourself.

Using the internet

The internet is a huge source when it comes to searching for tradesmen, handymen, and everything else in between. You can either make your own site or if you are not very tech savvy you can hire a digital marketing company who offers the service to make a website for you. Use simple fonts, neutral backgrounds and small paragraphs that are easy to read. Ensure all the information on your page is current and correct. Customer testimonials are good to include on here as well as cost, jobs you can do, days you work and contact details. Having a website will ensure you are up to date with the latest trends and can attract all types of an audience to your services.

Marketing yourself

Most often people are buying the person not the actual service you are doing. People find themselves relating to names and faces that they can identify with products and services. Use a friendly photo of yourself and include the community you live in and any communicate things you are involved with. This helps potential customers or clients see that you truly are a friendly, helping, active community member. Presenting yourself in a friendly way will give people a sense of trust within not only your abilities, but the services you offer as well.

Offer a discount or a freebie

We all crave a bargain or an exclusive deal. You can offer a discount or better yet offer a two for one deal. This helps get your ears out there if one person gets a job done and then gets another friend to get something done for free. It may be annoying working for free for a bit, but it helps market you and your business and gain that important feedback you need. At first you may have to deal with a risk of ROI (Return on Investment) but utilising these sales techniques will help you get an edge on the larger competition you face who may not be brave enough to make a offer that is this risky.

You don’t have to spend every dollar in order to promote yourself. Start small and it won’t take long until you have loyal customers who can help get your name out there. Don’t forget even your friends and family can be good customers that can provide you with that feedback. Get yourself out there talk to people, hand out business cards and it should be long before your up and running.

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