Getting Into The Interior Design Business

Many interior designers choose that particular career path because of their love for fabrics, colours, patterns and furnishings. Not only do you need to have a love for those things but you also need to be able to follow the interior design rules. Check these traits out to see if you have what it takes to become an interior designer or if this is indeed something you want to pursue.

Good eye for colours

If you and a few other people are looking at colours for walls and everyone comes up with one colour, yet you come up with colour tints of different shades then you have a good eye for different colours. It is not only about seeing the colour in front of you but also being able to see the undertones within that colour too. If this seems to come naturally then this is one rule you truly have down pat.

Are you a born leader?

You will need leadership skills and be able to work with crews, contractors and different types of personalities. If you are quiet and easy to push over this is something that a lead designer cannot have. You need to be supportive and be able to get your voice out especially when you are dealing with difficult customers.

You thrive on organisation

When it comes to decorating a good part of it is all about being organized. You will be dealing with clients, budgets, different personalities and you not only need to be organised with this but also organised when it comes to arranging art and décor within homes. Staying on top of everything is essential for success as an interior designer.

Happiness comes to you when you are picking out décor and art and finding them new homes in different areas. If you thrive on keeping your home neat and organized this rule for interior designers has to have already come naturally, it isn’t something you can develop. Passion is something you have to believe in.

Good Visualiser

The ability to visualise is essential in interior designing. Even though we have the technology of computers and programs you still need to be able to visualise colours, sizes and what works with what. If visualising does not come naturally to you then you will struggle working within the interior design industry. An example of visualising may be if a potential client asks you what colour their feature wall should be? You need to be able to offer them so many alternative interior wall finishes and find the perfect one for their home.

You need to generally like people

Interior designers are dealing with the public, so you have got to like people and be able to deal with a huge array of personalities. You need patience and learn not to take offence when a client is not happy with something. You may need to turn people down and you need to know the proper way to do this professionally.

Scale, balance, proportion

While some are born with a gift where they can visualise these concepts well, others can learn and understand them via experience and educational means. There is a chance that no matter how much experience and education you get you may not be able to grasp it. Don’t worry there are still other jobs in the designing field that you can be successful in like design marketing and painting.

Before getting too far into interior designing it’s a good idea to study the concepts and rules and figure out whether you have the talent to do the work needed. Approach some companies and ask to do a few days volunteering to see if you have the knack for designing and decorating. This will help you to realise earlier on whether you are a good fit for interior designing.

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