Making Your Day-Care Centre Profitable

When we talk about child care centres, we often lack the thought of interior designs and how they can have an effect on the profitability of the business. When we think about childcare centres we tend to think about toys, painting, play doughs and storybooks. We don’t often stop and think about how important interior design is when it comes to children. 
Not only does your centre need to stand out from the rest but you also need to have a safe and nurturing environment for the children. Parents do not want to be bringing their children to a dark and gloomy centre nor one that has hazards.

If you are not sure where to start, check out these few tips to create a fresh new interior design for your child care centre to increase profitability:

Gather your theme

You may have walked into a room at some stage and thought that it didn’t seem to go with the rest of the rooms or building. This can happen if one room has a different colour or a different design. And the cause of this usually occurs when the client and the architect didn’t have the same idea in mind throughout the process. As a result of this, their opinions got expressed in two completely different ways. In a child care centre, you still need to stick to the same basic rule of design which is to keep to a single theme throughout the whole centre. If you have too many different ideas going on it can confuse the children which can result in upset and wandering kids. Remember if you are thinking about painting cartoon characters be sure to check copyright laws. The last thing you need is a hefty fine for using copyrighted pictures.

Your interior design needs to be bright as children thrive in bright colours; it can be encouraging and stimulating for them. You need to offer a warm homely feel, and bright colours can make you feel welcome as you first walk in the door.
 Pick out a fun and colourful theme that will enable you to add lots of colour and ensure there is plenty of space. Implementing a beach theme and adding coastal beach furniture could be a great example of picking and sticking to one idea and just adding things on top that can still be related to or have a beach vibe.


Be mindful with Furniture

While design and colours are a part of the interior design, you also need to look into furniture. You need safe and durable furniture that will last. 
When you are picking out the furniture you need to keep a few things in mind like:
• Does the furniture have sharp edges?
• Are there removable parts?
• Is the furniture the right sizing for children?
• Is it comfortable?
• Does it have a clean wipeable surface?

Seeking advice from the professionals

It can be daunting and confusing when it comes to buying everything you need for a childcare centre from furniture, rugs and toys to interior designs like wall colours and flooring. If you find yourself struggling to see what works together that is appropriate for children, you can seek some advice from the professionals. Interior stylists have the training and an eye for detail to create a fresh new feel to your daycare centre. It’s always best to have one of these guys on board to help with the whole process as it can be quite overwhelming. They will be able to answer any questions you may have, help with picking the right furniture, colours, artwork and plenty more.

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