Putting a Focus on Culture and Your Business

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Reality is seen as a matter of perception and this is true for when it comes to a company and its culture, particularly in relation to the employees of the business.

Company culture can sometimes be described as a company’s personality, themes or brand. It is what you stand for and what you believe in and what exactly makes your company different from the rest. Company culture has everything to do with how the employees, customers and the general public are perceiving your business.

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Company culture is very powerful, and a lot more important than we realise. It can impact sales and employee morale’s along with recruiting efforts whether it is all negative or positive. Company culture can inspire employees to be more productive at work and it can even act as a recruiter in order to attract candidates who are suitable for your company. It is easy for you to see just how important the company culture is. There are so many larger brands and big named companies applying culture to their company and doing it well, but how are they doing it?

The Impact on employee performance is unique

How exactly does the company culture impact the individual performance? To offer the biggest competitive advantages the culture of an organisation must be strong, reinforced and widely communicated. It is important that everyone shares their views and values.

When it comes to a strong culture your employees feel extremely valued and they enjoy having some degree of control over their jobs rather than feeling completely powerless. Whether you are working from home or the office let the employees choose new projects or even let them try out some different roles. This is important as if anything sours the relationship between you and the employee, this can help their chances at future employment by improving on their employability skills. Better yet, you can always put an emphasis on helping clients who leave after a mutual agreement, with job search assistance in the market.

Having a strong company culture gives employees opportunities to grow further. Offer promotions, career developments and training which can help to keep employees motivated which improves their overall performance.

Impact on employee happiness

As the economy recovers from the recession the job market is gradually showing improvement. This means that businesses can see a turnover as more employees are seeking greener pastures, this could lead to your business needing to contact staff retention coaches. Positive company culture will keep employees satisfied and loyal to their organisation. It can be very beneficial within an environment that is known for its competitive nature. People are more interested in staying with one company culture that provides a work life balance, flexibility and employee development options.

You can improve the employee satisfaction through a supportive and strong company culture which can reduce the recruiting, hiring or training costs while offering to improve Morales and bring in more profits.

Think about introducing things to improve staff morale. A pool table being installed in the break room can give staff an object of enjoyment for when they’re feeling stressed. If your business is aligned with a particularly stressful line of work offering your employees the ability to smack those pool balls around will help them feel not only happier, but more relieved.

Impact on employee engagement

We have now made it clear that company culture has a big impact on not just the organisations performance but the employee’s performance as well as their satisfaction. There is no doubt that there is a direct relationship between company culture and overall satisfaction.

There are many ways company culture can impact an employee’s engagement:


Companies that have good communication practices ensure that their employees know that their ideas and opinions are greatly welcomed. When your employees feel they can be heard they will no longer carry any resentment which brings on negative morale, termination and absenteeism. Having communicative company culture offers creativity, innovation and great participation and inspires all of the mentioned to grow.


Cultures that are fostering employee development and the growth will give workers something to look forward to and give them motivation to work towards it. There are many cultures like this that will prevent job stagnation and boredom while ensuring things are kept interesting and exciting. When employees are hired, oriented and trained within the workplace they will feel supported, energized or they can feel the opposite and be frustrated and undervalued.

Company culture is growing more and more important

With today’s business environment being highly competitive from recruiting to sales everything is getting more of a challenge. You can make it all easier by being a business that people want to work for and are always happy to do business with. For small or large businesses positive company culture is a very important asset.

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